Forward Thinking for Your Professional Career: Tips for Setting Yourself Apart from the Others


People are born with different traits, characteristics, and personalities. No two people are alike. Even siblings are very different from each other. But these innate differences are sometimes not enough to set us apart when we want to move forward in our careers. We have to work extra hard to prove to our bosses that we are different, that they will benefit more if they invest in us.

Personal Branding

Have you heard about personal branding? When you go to the grocery store and pick up a particular brand of potato chips over all the others on the shelf, that is branding for you. Somehow, your mind has associated that brand with being crispier and flavorful. That’s why you picked it from the others. It’s the same thing with you in the office. You want your brand to speak volumes. You want your boss to look at the office and pick you from the rest of the people there.

Show Your Willingness to Learn

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A lot of people get stuck with the skills they have when they first joined the company. A decade ago, this wouldn’t have been an issue. Employers are happy with their employees as long as they do their work. But this is not how they look at the workforce right now. Managers and executives want employees who can show a willingness to learn new things. They want workers who strive to better themselves.

When there are opportunities to learn, put yourself out there. You can also enroll in SGUS courses to improve your skills in different fields: digital, logistics, managerial, business writing, marketing, advertising, information technology, and many more. Review what skills the company needs so that you can enroll in courses that will hone these skills in you.

Take on Leadership Roles

It does not matter how simple the task is; what is important is to show your bosses that you are willing to take on heavier responsibilities. For example, the office is having a team-building activity. Someone has to organize it—from the search for accommodating to the creation of the program to logistics matter. Take on that challenge. Doing so will make your bosses take notice of you. If you can do it with flying colors, then all the better as you can be the point person every time there’s a leadership role up for grabs.

Be Multifaceted

What are you tasked to do? Don’t allow yourself to be boxed in the scope of your work. Go far and beyond what is being asked of you. Take on new duties and challenges, especially when no one wants them. Show that you have more skills than they give you credit for. Be flexible.

During the pandemic, businesses had to ask their employees to work from home since offices have to close down. Think outside the box. How can you help the company despite being stuck in your home? Perhaps, you can be the one to create the virtual conference rooms and reach out to the team via project management tools and messaging apps. You can act as the moderator, making sure that everyone is working toward the same goals.

Dress for the Job

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Have you ever noticed that you tend to work more slowly and less efficiently when you’re in your pajamas? That’s why working at home might not be sustainable in the long run. They always say to dress for the job you want and not for the job you have. This has never been truer. As exhausting as it is to dress up when you have a million other things to do, dressing right for the job will give you the confidence you need to run the day like the future CEO that you are.

Be Productive

Employers would want to hire and promote productive people. They want workers who benefit the company and not the other way around. Make it a point to assess yourself. How productive are you today? Are you beneficial to the company? What did you contribute? These questions will help you understand what you have to do and what more you have to learn to become an indispensable team member.

Always raise the standards higher for yourself. While you should compete with others, your biggest competition must be yourself. How high are your expectations for yourself? Raise the bar higher and always strive to do more than what you think you can do. You will make people take notice if you keep on getting better and better.

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