What to do When an Intruder Breaches Your Business

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• Alert the authorities immediately by calling 911 and providing as much detail about the intruder’s location, weapons, or other pertinent information as possible. 

• Authorities can sweep the premises to ensure that intruders have been apprehended and everyone is safe.

• Cooperate with the authorities, answer any questions, and provide information that could help apprehend the intruder or provide evidence for legal proceedings. 

• Secure your property by locking all doors and windows of the building, and turn on surveillance cameras to capture footage.

An intruder breaching your business establishment can be a terrifying experience. Whether they are trying to steal goods or cause harm, it’s important to plan what to do when an intruder is inside your business. Knowing the right steps to take—from alerting the authorities to reassuring employees—can help protect your business, customers, and employees.

Alert the Authorities Immediately

The first step you should take is to alert the authorities immediately. If you can safely do so, call 911 and provide as much detail as possible about the intruder’s location, any weapons they may be carrying, or any other pertinent information that could help law enforcement apprehend them quickly. Even if you cannot provide detailed information about the intruder, it’s still important to call 911 so the police can arrive and investigate as soon as possible.

What the Authorities Can Do for You

When the authorities arrive, they will likely sweep the premises to ensure that intruders have been apprehended and everyone is safe. If a suspect has been identified, they will be taken into custody. The authorities may also take steps to secure any evidence collected if it needs to be used in court proceedings or charges filed against the perpetrator.

How to Cooperate Properly

When the authorities arrive, it’s important to cooperate with them. Answer any questions and provide information that could help apprehend the intruder or provide evidence for legal proceedings. It’s also important to ensure that all employees properly identify themselves and follow instructions from the police officers on site.

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Secure Your Property

Once you’ve alerted the authorities, it’s time to secure your property. If possible, lock all doors and windows in and out of the building. This will help keep the intruder contained while preventing anyone else from entering or exiting until police arrive. Additionally, if there are any surveillance cameras on your property, ensure they are turned on and recorded to capture any footage of the intruder that law enforcement could use later during their investigation. Having security measures in place can help you with the following:

When You Have an Alarm System

If an intruder breaches your business, an alarm system can be a great tool to help you protect yourself and your property. Alarm systems often come with sensors that detect when someone enters or exits the premises and motion sensors that alert you if there is movement. Some alarm systems may also integrate video surveillance cameras to provide footage of intruders.

When You Have an Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) in Place

If your business utilizes Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) services, you can rest assured that your security measures are up-to-date and reliable. ASAP offers 24/7 monitoring of your property, real-time alerts when an intruder breaches the premises, and an emergency response team on call to assist. Within minutes, an ASAP system can alert the authorities and provide you with the exact location of the intruder, ensuring that your business is quickly and safely secured.

When You Have Security Door Systems

When an intruder is within your facility, your security door systems will act as a physical barrier to prevent them from entering or exiting the premises. For instance, if you have an exit door, a security doors system like a keycard entry system or access control will enable you to lock the door, preventing anyone from leaving until the police arrive.

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Reassure Employees

It’s also important to reassure employees that help is coming and measures are being taken to ensure their safety. Depending on the situation at hand and how many people are present in your establishment at the time of the intrusion, it may also be necessary for you or another employee (if applicable) to assign roles such as providing security or helping those who need assistance evacuating from the premises safely. Keeping everyone calm during this time will help maintain order and reduce stress levels so that everyone remains safe until police arrive on the scene.

Intrusion is one of the most serious threats a business can face. Knowing what to do in an intruder breach can help protect your property, customers, and employees while limiting disruption to operations and morale. By taking the right steps—from alerting the authorities to securing your property and reassuring employees—you can ensure that everyone stays safe in case of an intruder breach.

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