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Maintaining a safe workplace may be a difficult job, so we’ve provided a series of top ideas and resources to help you improve office safety. According to Gemalto #39;s Data Security and Confidence Index for 2016, well over two-thirds of computer technology and data experts are not convinced that their data defense systems would withstand a compromise of their workplace perimeter.

Company owners admitted that they had been robbed in 27% of all cases, and 92 percent of them reported unfavorable business losses ranging from financial to legal to reputational to client-related in type. Because of this, protecting the periphery of your workplace is a job of paramount significance.

Here are our top recommendations for solutions to help you improve office security and ensure that your company’s facilities and everything inside them are kept secure at all times:

Stay Organized

If you must leave your workplace, even for a short period, make sure that you lock up your computer and keep your sensitive documents out of reach of youngsters and intruders at all times. Maintain the security of your office doors if you are inside or outside the building. Before you eventually leave your workplace for the day, please make a point of cleaning your desk and removing all of the documents from it. Remember to keep your windows, storage systems, and drawers locked as well.

Check that your office equipment is labeled with identification tags, stamps, or decals, including your item number and symbol. Keeping a thorough inventory of everything in your workplace in a prominent location (ideally on the office wall) will allow you and your co-workers to verify at a particular time to ensure all is in its proper position.

Invest in Security Cameras and Alarms

A camera control system is one of the most efficient mechanisms for increasing workplace security that has ever been devised by humankind. Commercial CCTV cameras¬†serve as an immediate visual discouragement to any prospective offenders. They also capture any abnormal behavior if they fail to prevent the bad guys from entering the premises. Always use the most current industry standard, and don’t forget to include less visible places such as back alleys, garages, and hallways outside of the main office space.

CCTV camera

Similar to closed-circuit television (CCTV), alarms are physically noticeable and, as a result, offer the additional benefit of deterring criminal behavior on your company’s property. Of course, their primary purpose is to automatically identify area breaches and alert the police or a security firm of your choosing, which may then respond promptly and professionally to the situation and minimize damage. One of the most traditional techniques for increasing workplace security, an alarm system is still considered the most effective.

Keep Company Information Safe

The majority of workplaces today are protected by various credentials and passwords, which may be either alphanumeric or chip-based. Ensure that anybody outside your organization has access to any confidential material and always err on the side of prudence when disclosing sensitive information to any third party.

Ensure that all personal information is protected by corporate policy and that any privileged employee privileges, such as credentials and identity fobs, are kept in a safe place. Having a fireproof and security-certified safe is one of the essential instruments for increasing workplace security. Necessary papers and business artifacts should always be kept safe and secure inside the facility.

Restriction: Keep the number of individuals who know the password to an absolute minimum and update it frequently. Before you purchase and set up the safe, check with your insurer to ensure that it meets their requirements and is within their standards.

Train Your Staff

Don’t forget that, once you’ve covered technology fundamentals, your human resource management is the essential instrument you can use to improve workplace security. If the people do not make good use of the equipment and techniques you have put in place, there is no sense in putting them in place in the first instance. To ensure workplace safety, employees must get a comprehensive briefing on document and data management, perimeter security, and appropriate behavior in the event of a breach.

It’s simple enough to notify workplace security if you get back to your office and find that anything has gone missing while you were gone. Alternatively, if your workplace does not have protection, you should contact the police immediately and request that an inquiry be launched. Avoid delaying too long since doing so may be hazardous to your health and safety.

Security in the workplace is critical. Maintain your office furniture, premises, and workers secure from intruding forces or agents by taking all precautions you possibly can.

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