Keeping Your Cargo Safe by Knowing Wire Rope Sling Capacities

Lifting cargo requires strong ropes and slings. It is crucial to note the capacity of your sling rope and verify its integrity. As described in the video, it is crucial to perform spot checks on the slings and verify their load capacity. These factors affect the efficiency and safety of all persons involved.

Examine the wire rope sling capacities to identify the manufacturer if possible, and check for capacity measurements. These highlight how much you can safely lift or pull using the wire sling rope.

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A wire sling rope without tags may be rejected because you are unaware of its load capacity.

This often happens with folded wire slings, sometimes stored for longer periods. Examine the wire sling ropes for dog legs, or severe shredding. This usually implies a wire sling rope that may be hazardous for lifting of any kind. As these slings bend, so is their integrity compromised. Once you unwind the sling, it may break before lifting anything.

Using the correct wire sling rope could be the difference between efficiency on a job, and a hazardous or life-threatening situation. Check wire sling ropes for tags before assuming they can hold the weight. A wire sling without tags may still be useful, but dangerous, as its load limit is unknown.


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