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Technology has developed by leaps and bounds over the past two decades. From around 740 million mobile phone users in the early 2000s, the number has grown to around eight billion after 20 years. Similarly, investors were still starting to invest in green technology at the start of the millennium. But after two decades, electric cars are already on the road.

These developments in technology offer a lot of benefits for businesses that are struggling during the pandemic. And even if the situation has improved over a year after the pandemic started, businesses can still look into using technology to help them expand in the market.

Here are some tips that businesses can consider if they want to use technology for their expansion plans.

Use Cloud Storage

Businesses can start using cloud storage for their data storage needs. In the past, businesses used to send large files over the internet to share information between different team members. The process was slow and delayed the work of many people. Some businesses were not even capable of investing in devices with a high-capacity storage capability, which hindered the growth of these businesses.

But the situation has changed as businesses can now use cloud storage to allow different team members to access data from any part of the country easily. Team members can even collaborate in real-time, even if they are located on opposite sides of the country. Additionally, using cloud storage allows people to work at any time of the day.

To ensure the protection of the data stored on the cloud, business owners can work with a company to monitor the performance of their SQL server. These companies can respond to issues to prevent outages in the system, which can be costly. With this, the business owner can focus on the other parts of the business, including its operations and marketing.

Use Productivity Apps

To improve productivity, especially if the business has remote workers on its staff, they can use any productivity apps available online. These productivity apps allow team members to communicate and collaborate while working on a project. They can even use these apps on their mobile phones, making them ideal for workers who travel a lot.

Aside from working through their mobile phones, users can also sync these apps with the desktop versions. Businesses can use many of these apps for free, which allows them to save funds for other expenses in the business. These applications also enhance the business’s efficiency and help it grow its share of the market.

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Facilitate Communication Using Online Tools

Aside from productivity tools, businesses can also use the latest video conferencing software to facilitate communication among team members. Similar to productivity apps, many of these video conferencing software does not require a fee. But there are limitations on the number of people who can join a conference call.

Business owners who travel a lot can use the software to stay in touch with their team. They can even hold a meeting while on the road. Unlike productivity apps where users only chat with each other, video conferencing software allows users to see and hear each other during a meeting. The pandemic saw the use of the software in telemedicine services offered by medical institutions and clinics.

Take Advantage of Digital Marketing Services

After consumers went online due to the pandemic, businesses had to go online to connect with their markets. While most major businesses already had an online presence before the pandemic started, small businesses had to start from scratch and build their website before connecting with their market.

With this, small businesses should take advantage of digital marketing services to increase their online presence while connecting with their customers. They can work with digital marketing agencies to launch campaigns designed to connect them with their customers. These campaigns can also increase their market since they can connect with customers from other countries depending on the campaign’s targeting.

Digital marketing is also cheaper than traditional marketing since it does not require much marketing collateral. Additionally, businesses can see the results of the campaign even before it ends. Once the business connects with its customers, it can decide to end the campaign or expand its market.

Additionally, digital marketing allows businesses to stay competitive in the market and even get ahead of their competitors. They can even go up against bigger businesses in their niche.

Technology can help business owners connect with their customers and even expand their market in the middle of a pandemic.

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