Tips For Getting Started in Orthodontistry

Being an orthodontist is a lucrative career that can be rewarding and it can offer many benefits. Getting started on the road to becoming an orthodontist, however, doesn’t happen overnight as the attached video shows. The good news is, if you want to become an orthodontist, there is no secret about how to get there or achieve your goals. For more detailed information on this topic you can check out the aforementioned video, but here is a quick outline of what is covered and what you will want to know about becoming an orthodontist and starting a career in this rewarding profession.

Schooling is arguably the most important aspect of the journey to becoming an orthodontist.

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Along with your high school diploma or equivalency, you will need to enroll in a Bachelor’s program. The major you choose isn’t as important as ensuring that the prerequisites for your orthodontist school of choice are covered. Following your Bachelor’s degree, you will need to enroll in a dentistry school, which is generally an additional three or four-year program. Upon graduation, you will then be an official dentist. The last step is an orthodontistry residency program. Following this last step, you will officially be considered an orthodontist.

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