How Volunteerism and Community Programs Help You Recover From Trauma

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Life throws many challenges at people while they stand there and bear it. They can do nothing but move on. What stays behind is the bad memories or trauma that affects their future. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can emerge when a person goes through a disturbing event. It’s a disorder that can shake the mental health of many patients. Data confirms that trauma is the leading cause of death in the USA alone among people aged 45.

How does trauma begin?

Children are more susceptible to trauma as they have a lesser capacity to handle pain and stress. Even adults who suffer from trauma mostly got it during childhood. They have never got past the trauma, so it lingered. Experiences in childhood make a profound impact on our psyche. Anything severe can lead to prolonged trauma.

Naturally, a person who can deal with trauma surrounds themselves with a healthy family and positive people to be a good and confident individual. Such a person generally comes from a family that’s open, accepting, and welcoming. Their parents must’ve let them pursue activities they liked while being there for him when he was at his lowest point.

On the other hand, if a child is subjected to negative experiences at a young age like aggressive parenting or divorce, the results can be traumatic. Traumatic events are inevitable, but family and friends should be there for those who experience them. Trauma can also emerge from the loss of a loved one, for which special programs for bereavement work best.

Overcoming Trauma by Volunteering in the Community

Community programs bring people together to create something that everyone can share. They promote a sense of belonging and unity because they provide volunteers with a unique opportunity to connect. Community services started in the 1980s, and they spread across the U.S.

People often volunteer in community programs and contribute to the betterment of the community. These programs are great for people who’ve been through some traumatic events. They include gardening, carpentry, childcare, medical work, and emergency prevention.

Also, community programs help people identify a world greater than their fears. In the programs, they can discuss their problems and hear other people’s stories. A person who’s suffering from trauma can open up while volunteering. As a result, they can communicate better and find someone with whom they share similar experiences.

By engaging in community service, people can help each other out while they work for the community’s growth. It seems like a simple task to some people, but it serves a greater cause. When everyone selflessly works for something, it enlightens them and helps them grow as a person.

Three Community Services That Allow People to Open Up


This is a noble community service where people take care of orphaned or sick children. People who love kids usually volunteer in childcare. In addition, this volunteer work serves as a great medium of healing for parents who have lost their kids. They work for the happiness of these children as they can’t do this for their kids.

There’s no pain greater than the pain of losing a child. Volunteerism allows such parents to relive the moments they spent with their children. Playing and laughing with other children fills the void caused by the traumatic experience.

Food Distribution Programs

Food is a basic necessity that everyone is entitled to. Sadly, because of the huge income gap between the rich and the poor, thousands of people sleep on an empty stomach. Community volunteers work hand in hand to help such people.

Taking part in food distribution programs allows people to forget their traumatic experiences for a while and focus on much bigger problems. Hunger is a huge problem. Seeing people happy when they get free food provides a sense of relief, which works great for someone who’s suffering from trauma.

School-based Community Service Programs

Here, people volunteer to teach students in various schools run by non-governmental organizations. This instills a sense of nobility because volunteers feel comforted as a lot of kids look up to them. Education is costly in the U.S., and all children need to learn.

Volunteers get to participate in community activities where they engage with different kids. These activities are uplifting, and both children and volunteers enjoy them. Schooling directly translates to learning, and this service provides a rare opportunity to learn more.

Engaging in community service is an opportunity for people to foster positivity by helping others. Although community programs are for people who are in need, they also work wonders for volunteers. People with trauma need to communicate with other people to understand that there’s more to the world, and community service provides that wisdom.

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