Utopia: a Real Place After All

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The WHO reported over four million people died because of Covid-19. The world now has over two hundred million Covid cases. But our grief can never be quantified.

The world survived the destruction brought about by the pandemic because of our strong sense of community. We have leaders who prevented panic. NGO also has extended a hand in helping impoverished families and individuals during this difficult time.

There are still skeptics about the importance of a strong community. But let us silence them all. Each member of society can benefit from a robust company. Here are some of them:

Communal Support

The people who surround you are the very people who know you the best. They understand what you are going through because they are also going through the same thing.

With that said, they are the best people to help you go through this challenge. Looking out for each other is what neighbors do. It is our responsibility.

This support is essential during the pandemic. Communal support had a role in helping small businesses survive the mandated lockdown. Your neighbors will likely patronize your business over established companies. They will do that because they consider you as family.

Even pre-pandemic, members of a close-knit community provided support by organizing a daycare center for working parents. Your community leaders would coordinate with the rest of society in creating after-school programs.

Generous Hearts

This generosity is depicted in those homey movies where one character borrows a cup of flour from her neighbor. Such kindness can be felt in communities.

Your neighbor’s generosity does not end there. They will share insights that you would not get from anyone else. Some may consider this as unsolicited advice. But business gurus call this Word of Mouth marketing.

For example, you had a bad experience with your home insurance provider. When you share your frustration with your neighbor, they will not only listen to you. They will also suggest which company provides the best home insurance.

They will be there during the toughest of times. We have seen a strong community at work during the pandemic. We have witnessed how neighbors organize a community pantry for those who do not have anything.

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Sense of Purpose

Settling in a close-knit community will give us a sense of purpose. Positivism radiates in the entire society. Observing benevolence motivates other members of society to be charitable.

This type of community fosters excellence. Members of this kind of community will encourage each other to be the best of what they are. Doing this will inspire people to be the best of what they are.

We call this phenomenon positive reinforcement. We usually hear about this in a parent-child relationship. But you can also observe this in a close-knit community.

Healthier Individuals

This positive environment also produces healthier individuals. Members of this community are more content with their life. Leaders of this kind of community unwittingly govern their society with the Gross National Happiness philosophy.

Some people might be criticizing this doctrine. But there might be some truth to it. Members of a society that has a strong sense of community often lead healthier and happier lives. The crime rates of those communities are often low.

Countries with high Gross National Happiness have low poverty levels. This is true because one of the tenets of the GNH is sustainable and equitable socio-economic development. It means that the governments of these states create laws that provide equal benefits to all citizens.

All members of this egalitarian society enjoy prosperity, which leads to lower crimes because no one feels left behind. Everyone gets a fair share of the pie.

This type of community produces healthier individuals because everyone has access to good medical care. Everyone can have nutritious meals because they have access to fresh produce.

With the support that everyone gets from each other, their citizens are less anxious. Knowing that someone cares for you makes you less afraid of the future. Having a sense of purpose also improves mental health.

Bloomberg has reported that over four million vaccines have been given. This piece of good news means that we are near the end of the tunnel, which is why we need the support of our community more than ever.

A strong community can help stop the spread of vaccine misinformation. Your neighbors can also help you stay afloat after losing a job. Their presence can console you after grieving the death of a loved one. Their benevolence is needed more than ever.

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